placeholder Cree Edge Pathway Application

It’s applied science. Literally.

Beauty is only skin deep. But this is some seriously thick skin.

Never one to cut corners on anything, Cree® Lighting has incorporated DeltaGuard® Finish on all its exterior fixtures and poles. DeltaGuard® is the finest industrial-grade finish available, and is exclusive to Cree Lighting outdoor fixtures and poles. This superior exterior coating carries an industry-leading ten-year warranty.


Each DeltaGuard® fixture undergoes an immersion process that begins with six cleaning stages, progresses through eight pre-treatment states, and as the last preparatory step receives an epoxy e-coat. Only after these extensive protective measures are completed is a topcoat applied. The baked-on, ultra-durable powder topcoat is the crowning touch on a truly outstanding finish that provides ultraviolet-light resistance, corrosion resistance, fade protection and more.