Cree WaveMax Technology

From the company that changed how the world sees light, our most intelligent light yet.

With the introduction of WaveMax® Technology — Cree ushers in a new era of LED lighting utilizing this innovative optical waveguide platform. This transformative benchmark for LED lighting delivers superior value and performance — offering an unparalleled lighting experience by distributing visually comfortable light with exceptional uniformity, high efficiency, precise control and design appeal.

Cree WaveMax® Technology is a breakthrough in the execution of waveguide technology that challenges industry-standard assumptions of how light is delivered. Featuring up to 90% optical efficiency and precise optical control, Cree WaveMax® Technology enables customers to encounter a one-of-a-kind lighting experience with enhanced colour quality and improved watts per square foot.

Quite simply, Cree WaveMax® Technology redefines the limits of luminaire design to deliver optimized performance and offer broader aesthetic options — all at an unmatched customer value.


A game-changer in optics technology, WaveMax™ Technology provides a new light experience that will not only change how you light your world, it will also change how you view your world.


WaveMax® Technology allows for a unique streamlined design that reduces glare, eliminates hot spots and helps create more visually comfortable environments by providing more uniform light distribution on all surfaces. Light distribution is so amazingly uniform, you have to see it to believe it. In fact, in many applications WaveMax® Technology offers such exacting optical control that differences between areas of maximum and minimum.


Featuring 90% optical efficiency that generates high system efficacy, WaveMax® Technology also enables luminaires to consistently maintain high levels of efficacy from cool to warm colour temperatures perfect for outdoor applications where warmer colour temperatures are specified.


Utilizing DiamondFacet™ optical elements to release and control light, WaveMax® Technology delivers exceptional optical control to ensure that light is delivered on the task surface and ceiling with a low ceiling contrast ratio. With this innovative approach to light delivery, luminaires distribute the precise amount of light exactly where it is needed — no more, no less.

Comfort & Appeal

Precise optical control creates low levels of glare that, in parallel with ideal levels of brightness and superior colour quality, offer brilliant illumination that creates more visually comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments, making WaveMax® Technology luminaires easier to design into both new and existing lighting projects.

How it Works

With the introduction of the Cree® SC5 Technology Platform, Cree has already transformed LED lighting. Advances in the use of silicon carbide enable unparalleled lumens per watt, effectively doubling the lumens produced by a single LED and delivering much longer life at higher operating temperatures. That breakthrough changed how the world thinks about lighting. Now, thanks to proprietary WaveMax® Technology, Cree has changed light itself. Cree engineers leveraged a property known as Total Internal Reflection, which gathers light within the internal geometry of the optical waveguide platform. To release and control the light, Cree engineers created another innovation: DiamondFacet™ optical elements. Unique microscopic features located within the optical waveguide platform extract and deliver light with exceptional control, uniformity and efficiency. These advances in lighting optics and dispersion enabled Cree designers to fashion the progressive physical design of our luminaires, giving architects and designers lighting options that blend industry-leading LED performance and functionality with artful forms that grace any environment.