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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Cree® Select Distributor!

Final enrolment requires the completion of all fields within the 3 step form below. This includes an enrolment Purchase Order (PO) as well as confirmation of a C-Lite and Lamps purchase target.

If you have any questions, please contact your Cree Lighting Representative. 

Thanks for your enrolment!

Step 1: Contact & Location Information

Use the form below to designate your Primary Location.

Company Information
Primary Contact Information

Who is your Cree Lighting Representative Agent?

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Please list below any additional personnel that would like to receive product updates and promotions from Cree. These are sent out via Distributor Edge which is a newsletter email from Cree. The primary contact, MDF administrator, and opt-in contacts from the Group Enrollment form will automatically be included in email updates.

STEP 2: Confirm Purchase Targets

Select Distributors who have made qualifying net purchases of Cree Products will be eligible for a year-end growth incentive. The 2019 Cree Select Program requires Select Distributors to achieve purchase targets for net purchases of both Cree Stock & Flow Products (C-Lite & Lamps) and Cree Lighting Products to earn the year-end growth incentive. The year-end growth incentive will be paid via a credit memo to the Cree account of the primary enrolled location for the Select Distributor (See Step 1 of this enrolment form).

Total Net Purchases of Cree Products

The target for 2019 net purchases of Cree Products is based on the distributor's CY2018 net purchases of Cree Products. Your Cree sales representative will provide your projected 2018 total net purchases, and will confirm the actual total purchases during January 2019.

C-Lite & Lamps Target

Each Cree Select Distributor will also have a C-Lite™ & Lamps purchase target. C-Lite LED Lighting by Cree (C-Lite) is a portfolio, introduced in 2017. C-Lite offers electrical distributors and contractors a broad range of stock and flow products to meet all their application needs. With high performance and easy installation, C-Lite provides superior value compared to other stock and flow lines.

For a complete list of products, visit the C-Lite Product Catalogue.

C-Lite and Lamps Targets


Step 3: Signature & Purchase Order Upload

I have read and agree to the Cree sales terms and conditions.

Cree Select 2019 Canada Program Details

Complete list of docs found in both the Cree Select Distributor Program folder as well as CreeLink


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Enrolment Purchase Order

The Cree Select Distributor Program requires an enrolment purchase order (PO) based on a minimum of 5% of CY2018 total net purchases. This enrolment PO can be comprised of any Cree Lighting or C-Lite products and shipped to any distributor stocking location. Enrolment order delivery can be broken into multiple ship-sets, but all lines must be shipped between January 1, 2019 and March 23, 2019.

Note: An Enrolment PO must be uploaded before final approval can be given.


Thank you for enrolling in the Cree Select 2019 Canada Distributor Program. Your enrollment information will be reviewed and processed. This will typically occur within five business days of submission.

Cree Select 2019 Canada Distributor Program
Program Details (PDF)

If you have any questions or would like to modify your enrolment, please contact your Cree Lighting Representative or email