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ZR Series
ZR Series
ZR Series
ZR Series
ZR Series
ZR Series
ZR Series
ZR Series
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Cree Lighting’s ZR Series LED troffer delivers a broad portfolio of class-leading efficiency and better light performance in an inspired, ultra-slim package – all at a remarkably affordable price. Available in 2,000 to 10,000 lumen packages, the ZR Series puts an end to energy-sapping, poor quality troffer illumination with up to 140 lumens per watt, a matte finish and a warranty of up to 10 years. Multiple control options including 0-10V, Smartcast® Technology, Lutron Vive, and Lutron EcoSystem products incorporate integrated ambient and occupancy sensing and wireless communication resulting in lower electricity bills, reduced maintenance and an improved total cost of ownership over traditional lighting control systems. The ZR Series also offers a room-side removable lens with magnetic fasteners for easy access and maintenance.


  • Cree TrueWhite® Technology or available in 80+ CRI
  • Efficacy: up to 140 LPW
  • Lumen Output: 2,000 – 10,000 L
  • Warranty: up to 10 years
  • 2×2, 1×4 and 2×4 options
  • 0-10V dimming or optional Cree SmartCast® Technology*
  • Available Lutron Vive and Lutron EcoSystem control options
  • Designed to last up to 100,000 hours
  • Recessed Mounting
  • Intuitive room-side removable lens design**

(*Check spec sheets for availability)

(**Currently offered on ZR-C and ZR-MT SKUs only)


  • Class-leading performance up to 140 LPW – up to 70% less than similar fluorescent solutions
  • Available in matte finish
  • Remarkably priced for payback of less than 2 years
  • Up to twice the warranty of the nearest competition
  • Available 90+ CRI to enhance the look of any space.
  • Ultra-thin 3.9 height and lightweight design suits almost any plenum
  • Rated lifetime up to twice as long as comparable LED troffers, offering significant maintenance savings
  • Designed to meet DLC technical requirements