More Than Lighting:
Business Insight

Cree SmartCast® Technology delivers value beyond light to make businesses more profitable. Built on a foundation of world class simplicity and user experience, Cree is leading the industry into its next great transformation.

All The Value Of Big Data, None Of The Noise

Much more than lighting control, the SmartCast Intelligence Platform™ combines intelligent luminaires, the Internet of Things and innovative apps to deliver actionable insights from day one.

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Learn how the SmartCast Intelligence Platform™ is designed to transform businesses with sensor rich lighting networks and data driven insights.

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A Business Case For Better, More Intelligent Light

Create better work spaces, make buildings more energy efficient, repurpose wasted space, and so much more. Cree SmartCast® Technology easily scales from essential lighting control to whatever IoT brings next.

Big data, meet big savings

Big data, big savings

With SmartCast® Wireless, energy pairing features like task tuning and daylight harvesting combine to deliver up to 70% savings. For more valuable analytics, opt for SmartCast Advisor™.


Simple set up and use

Simple set up

With patented OneButton™ Setup, SmartCast® Technology is easy to install, learn and use. Commission hundreds of devices at once with minimal steps and devices, saving you time and money. In use, enjoy a seamless end user experience along with highly intuitive interfaces.

Spaces tailored to
user needs

Spaces tailored to user needs

SmartCast® Technology learns and adapts to people and spaces, tailoring environments for comfort and productivity. Easily customize spaces for brightness and color, or optimize schedules and spot issues, all from a single platform.

Industry‑leading warranty

Industry‑leading warranty

Protect your investment with the unmatched Cree SmartCast® 10‑Year warranty. It’s double the warranty of all other intelligent lighting solutions on the market, meaning double the reliability.

True integration

True integration

An open, standards‑based interface that makes it easy to integrate with both legacy systems and 3rd party applications? It’s the SmartCast®API, or as we say, it’s integration at first sight.


Increase consumption
(of information only)

Continual learning

Decrease energy consumption while increasing productivity. Put sunlight to work (it’s free). Shift power loads in real time. With SmartCast®Technology, learning starts on day one and never stops for continual operational improvement.

Makes managing light work

Managing light

Easily configure and commission networks. Balance color by room. Automate on and off. Track savings. Update software. All from the comfort of your laptop or tablet.


Secure, reliable data

True integration

The SmartCast Intelligence Platform™ was designed for open collaboration, but that doesn’t mean your data isn’t secure. On the contrary, we utilize encryption best practices to ensure business and energy data flow securely and reliably.

What SmartCast® Technology saves you: a comparison

Savings Worksheet

Did We Say Simple And Easy Set Up?

Here are some resources to help streamline your install. Watch the videos below for tips on OneButton™ Setup and modifying your settings. Prefer print? Download the Wireless Deployment guide below.

  • Before You Get Started
  • OneButton™ Setup
  • Occupancy Testing
  • Color Changing
  • Creating Switch Groups
  • Creating Occupancy Groups
  • Adding a Switch to a Switch Group
  • Adding a Luminaire to a Switch Group
  • Adding a Luminaire to an Occupancy Group
  • Changing Time Out Settings
  • Changing Sensitivity