Cree Breaks Performance and Affordability Barriers for High-Bay Luminaire Market

DURHAM, NC – Cree, Inc. introduces the CXB High-Bay LED luminaire, the first LED fixture designed to compete directly with the 67 million traditional high-bay luminaires currently installed in North America.* Paying for itself in less than three years,** the Cree® CXB High-Bay LED luminaire delivers 23,000 lumens and provides an unmatched combination of high performance and affordability, eliminating the need for energy-wasting fluorescent and HID high-bay luminaires. The ideal replacement for warehouse, industrial, education and other commercial high-bay applications, the new Cree CXB High-Bay LED luminaire cuts energy consumption in half and nearly eliminates maintenance costs with industry-leading price/performance.


The CXB High-Bay LED luminaire’s innovative design enables a low profile luminaire at half the weight of incumbent technologies. Offering versatile mounting options for a quick and easy one-for-one replacement of up to 400-watt HID fixtures and multi-lamp fluorescent high bay luminaires, the CXB High-Bay luminaire simplifies installation and reduces labor costs during its 70,000-hour rated lifetime.

“Cree once again sets a new standard for LED lighting, delivering the most lumens per dollar at half the energy consumption and weight of existing HID luminaires,” said Greg Merritt, Cree vice president, lighting marketing. “The CXB High-Bay LED luminaire provides the industry’s best LED replacement solution for high-bay applications with a low total cost of ownership, all backed by our industry-leading, 10-year limited warranty.”

The Cree CXB High-Bay LED luminaire is sold through Cree lighting sales channels throughout the U.S and Canada.

Sources: *DoE LED Adoption Report, April 2013
**Payback calculated against 400w Metal Halide and based on commercial usage of 12 hours per-day and the national average of $0.11 per kWh electric costs.