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Town of Danville

Danville, CA
Outdoor Lighting

The Town of Danville converted 10 percent of existing high-pressure sodium streetlights to LED technology to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.



The Town of Danville was awarded funds through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG) through the Department of Energy to convert 10 percent of its traditional streetlights to sustainable LED technology. Supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the EECBG program empowers communities to make strategic investments to meet the nation’s long-term goals for energy independence and leadership on climate change.


After an initial evaluation of streetlights from various manufacturers, the Town of Danville contracted with the local utility provider, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), to convert 262 high-pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights to LEDway® streetlights. LEDway® streetlights were chosen for reliability, high-performance and environmental benefits. The LED streetlights were installed along a five-mile section of the heavily traveled arterial roadway corridor known as Sycamore Valley Road and Camino Tassajara.

LEDway® streetlights will consume approximately 44 to 53 percent less energy per year compared to the conventional HPS fixtures. The LEDway® streetlights deliver more than 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation with a less than two percent lumen depreciation rate per year compared to the eight percent per year depreciation rate of HPS luminaires. In addition to the energy and cost savings, the NanoOptic® refractors within each LED distribute light precisely for improved target illumination with significant reductions in light pollution.

“It’s important for PG&E to deliver a consistently high level of quality products and services to customers via our LED street lighting initiatives to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs,” said John Sofranac, Manager of street and outdoor lighting programs for PG&E. PG&E provides local governments with a one-stop solution for project design, management and construction.


In addition to receiving funds to convert HPS streetlights to LED, the Town of Danville also received a rebate (per streetlight) through the LED Streetlight program by PG&E. PG&E customers who installed or replaced existing streetlights to LED after May 1, 2009 can switch to a lower billing rate under the LS-2 rate schedule. Customers who installed LED streetlights prior to May 2009 were also eligible for rebates.